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Why Coffee?

The second most traded commodity in the world after petroleum is coffee.

While coffee production was 6.9 million tons in 2000, it reached to 9.3 million tons by 2015. This increased daily coffee consumption to 1.2 trillion cups of coffee. In Turkey, coffee consumption rate is 45 thousand tons per year, i.e. 6.5 billion cups. This equals to 17.7 million cups of coffee per day.

The inventor and therefore the first addicts of coffee were the goats living in Etiopia. This cherry-like bright red fruit, which was noticed back in the 8th century AD, has been consumed in many different ways due to the euphoria it gives because of its caffeine content. Finally, the method of brewing in water after roasting and pounding, was discovered and reached to present day. As of the current period, the delicious and quality coffees prepared by using the means of technology took place among the indispensables of our daily life.


The cafes are the most active meeting points, which are preferred by everyone all over the world because it is a social environment. The cafes provide a relaxed environment where people can rest and at the same time have a pleasant time with delicious tastes.

Cafe is the stop of joy and taste.

Coffeemania is of life.

Coffeemania was founded in 2009 by a group of coffee enthusiasts in order to carry the quality coffee culture to every reachable point of the world. Its professional team that came together after more than 30 years of professional experience, opened its own roasting facility in 2013. Besides the quality coffee, Coffeemania offers different recipes and exquisite desserts from the world cuisine, with a menu that it created with the aim of catching the same standard flavor at its every branch. Starting in 2009 with 4 branches, Coffeemania’s dealership process has reached to 60 branches by 2016 thanks to its standing which does not give concessions from quality and its safe growth principle.  Coffeemania, which operates world-class service understanding with its 1160 employees in total and an average of 989,000 yearly steady customers, has 3 branches in Malaysia.



Coffeemania, with a staff of 25 experts in their respective fields, provides professional services in different departments such as architecture, business development and creative agency in a pleasant working environment spreading to 800 square meters.

In My Coffee Coffee Roasting Facility, established in 2013 with the aim of the best in coffee production, the best quality coffee beans are provided in green from different regions of the world, and roasted in roasting machines with the latest technology with special techniques and ensures a production that reaches to 14 tons per month. The My Coffee Coffee Roasting Facility is the only member of Germany's leading gourmet coffee roaster guild, Deutsche Röstergilde, from outside Germany, one of the leading countries in Europe for coffee consumption. Deutsche Röstergilde's criteria for membership are: use of raw coffee at high quality, fair seeds supply, traditional slow roasting (minimum 12 minutes), low roasting temperature (maximum 240 degrees), air cooling, roasting facility open for visits at any time.

Coffeemania's coffees Mania Blend and Espresso Portugal Blend, won the 2015 gold medal at the Coffee Tasting Contest, organized annually by Deutsche Röstergilde, German Gourmet Coffee Roasters Guild, where the best gourmet coffees compete.


The most delicious coffees produced from high quality coffee beans and prepared with the Coffeemania special blend are located in the Coffeemania menu with special presentations. (It is the favourite of its menu :))


On the Coffeemania menu, delicious and fresh desserts that appeal to every palate are presented to our guests with choices of pastry, cheesecake, waffle and ice cream.

Other drinks

Coffeemania's special blend of coffees, special teas and seasonal fruits are brought together with the recipes of our master baristas and served with the most special presentations.


The most special recipes from the world cuisine, prepared for breakfast, snack and dinner, are carefully prepared by Coffeemania's master chefs and served with different presentations.


In each of Coffeemania's branches, there is a shop section so that guests can conveniently and quickly access special Coffeemania products such as local filter coffees, French press, kid drink.




Coffeemania branches are designed according to the needs of the location with the choices of street, shopping center or corner stores, and in this way they are realized with a perfect service understanding.

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)

It  is the 237-page standard operating procedure book that provides the answers of all the questions that the branches may need on cafe management.

Coffeemania Bar and Kitchen Guidebook

Our guidebooks having all the formulas of our bar and kitchen provide a method without exception for the standard taste and perfect presentation on all terms and conditions, without being dependent on the staff.



With the awareness of being a constantly developing and renewing brand, Coffeemania's professional team support will be with Coffeemania branches at every stage from the establishment. Regular monitoring and training support is provided to protect brand prestige and ensure maximum profit for the business owner.

Coffeemania's extensive service network, which provides access to all branches from a single point, eliminates all potential problems during the supply.


Seasonally renewed every six months, the entire content of the Coffeemania menu is prepared by the expert kitchen staff, photographed using the best equipment and finalized by the design team. Thus, Coffeemania guests have easy access to fresh and tasty options during all seasons.


Coffeemania's magazine Magazine Mania is located at the back of its menu with topic titles such as sportsmania, cinemania, trendmania, and it provides a pleasant reading experience to Coffeemania guests with its content renewed every six months.

The quality standards Coffeemania has created in order to present the same quality to its guests at its every branch, are meticulously implemented by So Architectural team, which is within its organization. The architectural team, which has many years of experience in its sector, designs every architectural detail that you will need during the process in the best way and offers the best quality materials with the best prices. The machine park used for operation is supplied from top quality brands. Thus, the best food and drinks are prepared in this way and served perfectly.


Advertisement Gourmet

Advertisement Gourmet, the creative advertisement agency within Coffeemania, specializes in gastronomy and provides quick and creative solutions to all your needs in advertising, promotion and corporate identity, with a designer team serving only in this field.

Solution Partners

The national and international brands we work with, which are experts in their respective fields, enable us to offer products with the same quality and standard taste in each of our branches.


Dealership Process

The investor fills out the form below. You can check the FAQ section for any questions that you might have. As a result of the evaluation of Coffeemania business development consultants, a pre-interview appointment is given to the investor for whom all conditions are appropriate. Coffeemania consultants and the investor come together on the day designated for the pre-interview. With the signing of the contract as a result of an agreement, the life with Coffeemania begins, which is "aimed to last long". The Coffeemania team evaluates the options with suitable criteria to open the store together with the investor. When the correct point is determined, So Architectural team prepares the architectural plan and makes project drawings. It makes the presentation of the finished work before the construction starts. Our architects who work on the project together with the application team prepare the investment budget. The architect and the application team deliver the "turnkey" operation to the investor on the scheduled date, and the investor enjoys being a "Coffeemanian"!